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Speaking - Overview

Content and Length of talk is created to your needs

Content to choose from...

(don't worry about choosing the right tool, this is just a few of our favorites, you simply give us your situation and we take it from there)

  • Creating healthy rhythms of life. (living in the tension of healthy work and home priorities)
  • Making wise decisions in the everyday.
  • Gaining clarity in your identity and purpose.
  • Multiplying leaders whether at home or work.
  • Creating and implementing personal or team vision and values.
  • Acknowledge current blind-spots in your problem-solving and how to move forward.
  • Communicating with clarity to deepen the relationships around you.
  • Review- tools to show where you have been and help reveal "whats next?".


    • As a participant you will learn the fundamentals of how to calibrate healthy invitation and challenge in order to have better communicate with those around you.
    • Develop effective problem solving and decision-making skills.
    • A great investment in your personal and or professional development.
    • There is no great reward without a great risk. We want to see you become the guide to those around you, leading the way within your sphere of influence. We will help you wrestle with competing values and live within the tension, which is where true breakthrough actually takes place.


    • $350 per person  - *Discounts available for not-for-profits.


    • Designed for groups of up to 100.
    • Programs can be designed for intact teams or mixed groups.

    Is this for you?

    Find it hard to be the prophet in your organization?

    Want to change the way people see things?

    Need new ideas and energy?

    Do you need to move out of chaos and find clarity in rhythm?

    Struggle with healthy self-care?

    Ever have difficulty in communicating with the people closest to you?

    Do you want to increase productivity with less energy?

    I understand how difficult this can be, it can lead to increased frustration and cynicism towards others. Success becomes limited because of an unawareness of personal blind-spots.  Too often their is no trust within a team because a lack of empathy towards others who are not like them. Many teams can't communicate clear, leaving the leader distanced from the relational reality all around them. That's why they say "it's lonely at the top". Overtime these combinations begin to morph into a culture of micromanagement and tunnel-vision.

    Many times a neutral listening ear is the most powerful tool for change. I create a "criticism-free space" for leaders to process, while handing-out custom tools that act as mirrors to transform both character and competency.

    Leaders I work with are generally more productive with less energy. They gain a renewed clarity about their own personal vision as well as their team. Leaders create culture and when the culture shifts, innovation begins to thrive and productivity increases. Oh yeah, and did I say that you might start to love your job again!

    We want to exceed your expectations. Therefore, we take pride in customizing every workshop or coaching experience to your specific context. Whether you are a small business owner who desires to grow more leaders, clarify your message or a parent who wants to live with more intention, we will do the hard work of asking the necessary questions and observing well in order to bring as much impact. As with anything lasting, this will require you to work hard to implement these proven tools. We want to see you winning from day one!