Why Ascential Coaching?

Did you know that many 'coaches' have never been coached themselves?


This is a problem! As a customer you need to receive content that you can trust. Think about this statement... "We can never give what we haven't received". It's simply physically and mentally impossible. Experience is not enough, American philosopher John Dewey says, "We do not learn from experience, but from reflecting on our experience". Too many coaches simply pass out pre-packaged content that may or may not 'stick' with you and your context. You need flexible training that is customized in a way it allows you to reflect on your experience and grow. Intellectual content is never enough. It's the space of 'review' between the content and your context where change takes place. Great ideas stick when the learning moment is first realized by you, not someone else.


Meet Your Guide

Chad knows what it's like to have a dream, but find yourself stuck along the journey. It stinks! He combines a variety of experiences and stories to create an impacting experience for you. He leverages world-class training from The John Maxwell Team to bring guidance and vitality to you and those around you.  As a certified professional speaker, coach and trainer, a Masters Degree in Leadership and over two decades in both profit and not-for profit fields, you are sure to be impacted in big ways.

Chad loves giving access, feel free to connect at 509-999-8582

Chad is very sincere, capable and brings great enthusiasm!
— Mayors Office - Cherokee County, N.C.



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