Amazing Resources to Bring Big Impact

Compiled below are some of the resources that have helped connect discipleship into our everyday lives...

so we thought we would bring all the goodies together!


We thank this team for the simple, memorable, and reproducible ways they have empowered us to make disciples, who make disciples, in the power of God's Spirit! Our family will never be the same.

We all have questions... "Explore God" is a site that creates credible content for people with spiritual questions and curiosities. Who's got those? Seems like just about everybody—including us.

The Story-formed Way was designed to both lead people through the basics of the Gospel and provide a foundational structure for the key doctrines of Christianity. This 10 week study is designed to walk through with a group. Free Printable Download

Gospel Centered Music

The Moravian Daily Text.

By simply reading the same text together each day, we can stay in tune with each others lives and best hear from the Father. Subscribe Here.

A video series on ordinary people finding purpose in Jesus in the regular rhythms of life.

A weekly podcast that gets Christians and Non-Christians talking about God and Faith from both sides of the coin. Not so much debate as healthy conversations, with over 300 shows, it a great place to explore.

For thousands of years, stories and oral traditions were the key means for Jewish and Christian people to learn about and experience God. We interact with these stories as a way to understand, experience and connect with God through his Word in community.

The Jesus Storybook Bible is a popular children’s Bible. Rather than telling the stories of the Bible with a moralistic intent, it retells each story as part of a grand narrative in which God is fulfilling his plan to redeem a lost world through Christ.

Myers Briggs

We have found this to be an excellent tool for discovering your identity and who God specifically made you to be.