We want to exceed your expectations. Therefore, we take pride in customizing every workshop or coaching experience to your specific context. Whether you are a small business owner who wants to grow more leaders, clarify your message or a parent wanting to live with more intention we will do the hard work of asking the necessary questions and observing well in order to bring as much impact. As with anything lasting, this will require you to work hard to implement these proven tools. We want to see you winning from day one!

#1 - Choose your Course

  • Meyers Briggs personality type coaching. (great for couples)

  • Creating healthy rhythms of life. (living in the tension of healthy work and home priorities)

  • Making wise decisions in the everyday.

  • Gaining clarity in your identity and purpose.

  • Multiplying leaders.

  • Creating and implementing personal or team vision and values.

  • Intentional Living.

  • Communicating with clarity.

  • Honestly reviewing where you have been to know where you should go.

To book a program, contact us at 509-999-8582 or click the link below...