On-Site 'REsults Workshop' Overview

Often leaders are so busy taking care of everyone else's problems, they don't take time for their own growth. This can lead to increased frustration and cynicism towards others. Success becomes limited because of an unawareness of personal blind-spots. Their team won't tell them the truth they need to hear and the leader becomes distanced from the relational reality all around them. That's why they say "it's lonely at the top". Overtime these combinations begin to morph into micromanagement and tunnel-vision.

Many times a neutral listening ear is the most powerful tool for change. I create a "criticism-free space" for leaders to process, while handing custom tools that act as mirrors that transform both character and competency.

Leaders I work with are generally more productive with less energy. They gain a renewed clarity about their own personal vision as well as their team. Leaders create culture and when the culture shifts, innovation begins to thrive and productivity increases. Oh yeah, and did I say that you might start to love your job again!

CLIMB Workshop

(1 - 3-4 Hour Training Session)

Content to choose from...

(don't worry about choosing the right tool, this is just a few of our favorites, you simply give us your problem and we take it from there)

  • Acknowledge current blind-spots in your problem-solving and how to move forward.
  • Multiplying leaders to grow a robust team.
  • Creating and implementing contagious vision and values.
  • Communicating with clarity to increase sales.
  • Review- tools to show where you have been and help reveal "whats next?".
  • Creating healthy work rhythms to build a team that innovates instead of competes.


  • We often say "wrestle before settle", this workshop will give you the opportunity to wrestle with the key tensions that you currently face instead of settle for the easy an often unproductive route.
  • With interactive activities and breakout groups, this session is both enjoyable and engaging.
  • These experiences focus on your specific needs at a level that is extremely engaging and productive.
  • Knowing that we cannot give what we haven't first received, after this training teams will be able to effectively evaluate their context and set evaluateable goals on achieving proper next steps.


  • Starting at $900 for teams up to 20. *Discounts available for not-for-profits.


  • Designed for groups of 3-30.
  • We will fully engage with the organizer prior to the event in order to create a fully custom program that best meets the groups needs.
  • Whether in person or via. internet we always use a whiteboard and many visual illustrations to increase learning. So, we encourage participants to have a means of taking notes so that information is retained and you can mine as much gold out of this content as possible.

We want to exceed your expectations. Therefore, we take pride in customizing every workshop or coaching experience to your specific context. Whether you are a small business owner who desires to grow more leaders, clarify your message or a parent who wants to live with more intention, we will do the hard work of asking the necessary questions and observing well in order to bring as much impact. As with anything lasting, this will require you to work hard to implement these proven tools. We want to see you winning from day one!