Mastermind Group

(1 hour a week lasting 3-12 weeks depending on the course)



There is synergy of energy, commitment and excitement that participants bring to a mastermind group. My facilitated groups offer a combination of masterminding, peer brainstorming, education, accountability and support in a group setting to sharpen your business and personal skills. By bringing fresh ideas and a different perspective, my masterminds can help you achieve success.

  • Increase your own experience and confidence

  • Sharpen your business and personal skills

  • Add an instant and valuable support network

  • Get honest feedback, advice and brainstorming

  • Borrow on the experience and skills of the other members

  • Study Leadership, Communications and Growth principles/practices in a group setting, create an action plan and have the group hold you accountable for fulfilling your plan and goals.

  • Receive critical insights into yourself

  • Optimistic peer support in maintaining a positive mental attitude

  • A sense of shared endeavor – there are others out there!


  • Starting at $15 per person per week. *Discounts available for not-for-profits.

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  • These groups consist of multiple teams from various organizations and are no larger than 12 participants.

  • For individuals or groups who want to grow as leaders, problem solve and network all at the same time

  • Each gathering is 2 hours long, the first hour you will be equipped with world class leadership training and the second hour at each gathering one team will have space to bring your largest problem to the group for peer problem solving and networking.

  • The length of each training and the duration is always determined by the groups specific need

Is this for you?

Do you need a more unified team?

Do you want to increase productivity with less energy?

Do you find it difficult to delegate?

I understand how difficult this can be, it can lead to increased frustration and cynicism towards others. Success becomes limited because of an unawareness of personal blind-spots.  Too often their is no trust within a team because a lack of empathy towards others who are not like them. Many teams can't communicate clear, leaving the leader distanced from the relational reality all around them. That's why they say "it's lonely at the top". Overtime these combinations begin to morph into a culture of micromanagement and tunnel-vision.

Many times a neutral listening ear is the most powerful tool for change. I create a "criticism-free space" for leaders to process, while handing-out custom tools that act as mirrors to transform both character and competency.

Leaders I work with are generally more productive with less energy. They gain a renewed clarity about their own personal vision as well as their team. Leaders create culture and when the culture shifts, innovation begins to thrive and productivity increases. Oh yeah, and did I say that you might start to love your job again!

We want to exceed your expectations. Therefore, we take pride in customizing every workshop or coaching experience to your specific context. Whether you are a small business owner who desires to grow more leaders, clarify your message or a parent who wants to live with more intention, we will do the hard work of asking the necessary questions and observing well in order to bring as much impact. As with anything lasting, this will require you to work hard to implement these proven tools. We want to see you winning from day one!