You'll lead a LOT of people.

Either grow yourself and them into an unstoppable team.

Or change nothing and simply end up with followers.


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If you can make better decisions and bring unity to your team... you instantly realize this is the best investment of the year.
— Stewart Senger, President/Carolina Mountain Solar

You are One risk-free move away from

growing yourself and your team

Most leaders are so busy with others they have hit their own capacity for growth. Our leaders are handed custom tools that transform both character and competency. Ascential Coaching can help you grow your influence and be more productive with less energy.

Chad is my kind of guy, he strives to get everyone involved
— David Brown, Publisher/Cherokee Scout Newspaper

First Light Solutions knows how to multiply leaders

We build a custom experience to best fit your needs

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Great for groups, this half-day session is tailored to your context and will redeem your workplace.

Meet via. video conference to immerse in a custom leadership tool that brings big impact.

Transforming teaching and peer brainstorming that sharpens both business and personal skills.