I believe that chaos can stop you from growing

Unawareness is the enemy

And investing in your development is the best way to thrive

Chad is my kind of guy, he strives to get everyone involved
— David Brown, Publisher/Cherokee Scout Newspaper
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  • Want clearer communication?

  • Feel you lack trust as a leader?

  • Is making hard decisions tough?

  • Need a more unified team?

  • Struggle growing your influence?

  • Not delegating tasks well?


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What Makes Ascential Coaching so different?


     Many leaders are simply not equipped for the chaos life brings. I understand how lonely leading can be. It can leave you insecure and ultimately unaware of personal blind-spots. Everybody deserves to be guided by a great leader, and I believe you could be a great leader to those around you. Ascential Coaching, Training and Speaking empowers customers to grow in their capacity to lead so they can do the same for others. I know what it's like to see potential in yourself that others don't know how to empower. It's totally possible for you to experience an incredible life, in an ordinary world...


     Direction determines destination. If you want to know if you are heading towards the destination that will bring you and those around you the most life, you need to continually re-calibrate your direction. Unless you create a rhythm to hit 'pause' and take a look at where you have been and are going, your destination will be chosen for you. I want to wrap you up into a story that is larger than either of us and has the capacity to change your trajectory. Tens of thousands have used these tools to move from chaos to rhythm by investing in the development of themselves and their team. All of my coaching, speaking and training is custom built to meet your current context and best speak to your culture. Whether you lead 100 in the corporate world, 20 in a not-for-profit, 5 in your small business or just your kids at home our tools equip anyone to lead anyone. Everything you receive meets our 3 fold promise that it will be Simple, Memorable and Reproducible.


     This promise ensures that you will receive more than you originally invested in your training because, you cannot give what you haven't received. It is not enough that growth ends with you. I want you to receive my content in a manner that you can easily invest into others as well. Leadership should be placed on the bottom shelf where it is accessible to all, not just those who have been handed a title. You have the incredible potential to grow personally and in the influence of those around you. Life happens and often takes us on a path we never would have guessed. Don't wait! Fill out the form below or download my free e-book to get started. Most of us know enough ill-equipped leaders who are overly confident. By investing in you and those you lead, you can be part of the change we both need. Stop hesitating to move your life from chaos to rhythm, the world needs more humble yet confident leaders.


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